Aquarian Drumheads: For the Love of Drums

Featuring Joe LaBarbera

“I like playing drums as much now as I ever did; maybe even a little more so…I don’t mind carrying them. I don’t even mind setting them up. I just love the opportunity to play drums!” – Joe LaBarbera

Regardless of age, genre, or approach to the instrument, drummers just love to drum! It doesn’t matter if it’s on YouTube or in the church; if it’s participating or just observing, the love for the drum and drumming is universal to all drummers. There is nothing better.

The possibility to connect, to move, to inspire through our playing is what makes drumming special. Without an engaged or passionate drummer, the music can seem lifeless and dull. The drummer can excite and move the music and the crowd like no one else.

As drummers we absorb, we mimic, and then we make it our own. We love to learn. We look to those who inspire us and who are generous with their talents and pass them on.

So why do we love drumming so much? It allows us to be us. It lets us connect with others as a community and enables us to leave our mark on the music. We all have to admit; we just love any opportunity to play drums, because playing drums is just plain fun!


– Aquarian Drumheads, #ForTheLoveOfDrums