Stevie D leads from behind the kit with his new solo release “Solar Flare.”

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Stevie D leads from behind the kit with his new solo release “Solar Flare.”

August 2017



Aquarian Artist, Steve Di Stanislao, aka “Stevie D”, is a professional Drummer, Vocalist, Producer and Entrepreneur. His talents have been called upon by some of the most iconic names in the music business:  David Gilmour, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Don Felder, Kenny Loggins, Joe Walsh, Loggins & Messina, David Crosby and many more.


In April,  Steve dropped by the Aquarian Warehouse to rehearse his band for the debut performance of his upcoming solo album, Solar Flare. A born band leader, Stevie D understands the importance of chemistry and knows how to put a band together: Mark Massey (PIANO), Kevin Axt (BASS), Carl Verheyen (GUITAR), Paul Carman (SAX). The communication and musical conversation amongst the band members show why Stevie D is so successful at what he does.

Stevie D – Drums
Carl Verheyen – Guitar
Mark Massey – Piano
Kevin Axt – Bass
Paul Carman – Saxophone

With Steve it’s not just about the drums – it’s about the music. He is a songwriter’s drummer; he plays for the song. Being a singer himself, the lyric of the tune is important, and he sculpts the drumming to support the form, the phrasing, and mood of the music.

But Steve Di Stanislao is also a drummer’s drummer- tasty and in full command of his technique while getting the best sound from the drums. Stevie D understands tone color and texture, time and feel, and he uses it all when he lays down those lush, solid grooves.


Steve prefers a full, punchy drum sound that can easily fit into any musical style or performance. Listen to his drums and you can understand how his sound would be right at home in any gig, from David Gilmour to Paul Anka, and anything in between.


Steve personally made the three 6” custom Tube Toms that he uses for color and effect. And the Stick Hammock that he uses to help collect and hold his sticks, mallets, and brushes for easy transitions in live performance- that was all designed, produced and marketed by Stevie D for his company, SDE Enterprises Inc.

On top of all this talent, and his understanding of the role of the drummer in a band, Stevie is just a great guy and we at Aquarian love having him as a member of the Aquarian “A” Team!

When asked about DiStanislao, David Crosby relates, “Technically and artistically, Stevie’s the best I’ve ever played with. It’s because he “gets it.” He doesn’t just play the drums; he plays the song.”

Stevie D’s new solo release, “Solar Flare” is now available.